Coffee table blues

Not all projects work out the first time. But the process and excitement of fixing issues are just as valuable as getting it right the first time. 

So I found this solid wood coffee table at my new favorite thrift store. $20 and I decided to give it a shot. I usually like more character in the prices I find but this was the perfect size and it’s been a year into my search for the ideal table. I gave in. 

I didn’t want to sand it so I went with a primer so the paint I had would stick. There was a lot of poly already on it so a primer is the best way to be lazy and paint right away. 

After the primer was set I started painting and went crazy with a mix of my favorite blue and some gray. 

Looks nice right? Nope. Way too blue in the room so I tried to fix it and ended up mixing a dart gray and blue to cover the sides and legs. Blue is a strong color it made the whole table look too washed out. 

Here is a quick shot of the new gray sides. I will take some nice pics and add to the end of this post. 

I’m going to do a test and just add one coat of polycrylic and see if it holds. My last coffee table I followed the directions and added several coats, sanding in between and it was like a fly strip. Everything you put on the table would stick. So I’m curious if one coat will keep the stains off and still be easy to clean. 

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